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Dry and Wet Paint

Sell Your Art

Get placement for your artwork on multiple platforms to encourage sales at incredibly reasonable prices. 

60+ SOLD

Is your art next?

White Brick Wall

Please fill interest form for more information and options.

Where do you want your artwork placed?

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Create Your art store collection on the website. 

E-commerce access


Display and sell your artwork at the high quality artisan collective store.

Port-of-Spain, T&T.

art placements.PNG

Display and sell your artwork to a foreign audience at the Cruise Ship Complex, Port-of-Spain, T&T.

fw bluebird.png

Add your art piece to the online luxury décor store for shoppers to collect and enhance their space.


Display and sell your artwork at the Kettle Brew Cafe, at KVS plaza,

St. Helena

IMG_8015 (1)_edited.jpg

Display and sell your artwork, and host art classes and workshops at the TT Artists Studio, Arima, T&T

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