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Dana Hinds



My name is Dana Hinds-Allain, from East Trinidad. I am a self-taught artist and DIY

enthusiast. My level of artistic training is secondary school based, with a short

course in Art, Painting and Drawing with the University Of The West-Indies, Open

Campus in 2021 and participation in an 8 week program Advance Art 11 with Mr.

Keith Ward in 2022

My work consists of Acrylics, Watercolor, Gouache Paints and some Pastel Chalk. I

have never worked with Oil Paints and hope to challenge myself one day. I love

Painting and will Paint on any material or surface and I also enjoy Painting on

wooden craft items and terracotta/clay pots.

Painting was always a way to escape reality and be in my own universe. There is

so much beauty in Art and Craft and I am truly at my happiest when I Paint. I hope

you enjoy my pieces just as much as I do, because I really enjoyed creating them!

Dana Hinds
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