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Art by Jaiye Auction & Giveaway

You don't want to miss this.

You pick your price in this surprise auction available to the US and T&T.

Check stories @byjaiye to participate and bid. Time is running out!

It’s no secret that I’m an art hoarder lol

But as I explore my creativity for some upcoming projects, I want to make room for more art @byJaiye so... I have decided to share some of my favorites, with you! 🤗

I'm so grateful for your support. I look forward for your participation, and visiting you in Atl this week! ;)

Here’s the best part, You pick the price!

Midnight to Midnight, every day, From April 19th to the 26th art @byJaiye will be on auction

  • Available to the US and T&T

  • Prices will be updated on the auction product page

  • Bid on the IG Stories @byJaiye

  • Please bid in increments of $5

  • Final bid will be the winning price.

  • Auction ends at midnight each day.

  • Must pay in full plus shipping within 24hrs or art will go to previous bidder.

NEW ART EACH DAY, so check daily!

I’m nervous to be parting with so many pieces at once without having control of the pricing 😵‍💫

but I’m glad I get to share it with you. I appreciate your support so much.

Especially those that always share my posts. Omg, honestly, you all are the best!


To further show my gratitude for your support, yes, I'm doing GIVEAWAYS!

The person that shares and tags the most contacts will receive a free framed print of their choice.

Anyone who shares the auction posts will qualify to be randomly selected to receive an unframed print of their choice. See the art collection by Jaiye here to explore your options.

Ends Friday April 26th at midnight.

Currently, the PMW 3pc Patches are on auction.

Visit @byjaiye story and claim your price asap. Time is running out!

What should I auction off next? 👀

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