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Meet the Team

Introducing Kevin Cupid, co-director of TT Artists Ltd.

With this role, he is dedicated to promoting Trinidad and Tobago's artistry locally and internationally using the platform to provide resources for local artists to showcase and sell their work to a wider audience. His creative ideas and vision have helped to progress and establish TT Artists Ltd as a hub for Trinidad and Tobago's art scene, to shop, sell and share art of T&T.

Kevin's commitment to promoting local creativity is evident. He provides consistent encouragement and support to the platform. He understands the importance of promoting Trinidad and Tobago's artistry and is committed to making a positive impact in this space.

However, Kevin Cupid is a faceted man with many interests and talents. He is a FIDE Chess Master who has a passion for teaching others how to play and excel in the game. In addition to his success in chess as a 2x National Chess Champion of Trinidad and Tobago, he founded the Cupid Chess Academy, where he serves as the head coach. The TT Artists studio is also located at the academy, allowing Kevin to provide support to both his students and the artists he encourages.

Through the Cupid Chess Academy, Kevin is able to share his love of chess with others and teach them the skills they need to become great players. His passion for the game is infectious, and his coaching style is both supportive and challenging, inspiring his students to push themselves to be their best. Weekly classes are available for kids and adults. If you are interested in chess development, fill the interest form for more info at

Through his work with Cupid Chess Academy and TT Artists Ltd, Kevin is making a great difference in the community. His passion for creativity and his commitment to promoting local talent are truly inspiring. It is clear that Kevin Cupid is an exceptional individual who is making a significant impact on the Trinidad and Tobago art scene and the world of chess. His dedication, talent, and creativity are an inspiration to all who know him.

Introducing Brand Ambassador, Tameika.

The role of brand ambassadors is to encourage creatives to join TT Artists Ltd is and encourage others to Shop, Sell, and Share the vibrant artistry of Trinidad and Tobago.

Through her Artistry God Inspired Creations, Tammy showcases her creativity and enthusiasm for art. She creates unique and inspiring works of art that captures the essence of her imagination and spiritually. Explore her Artistry God Inspired Creations on the TT Artists Directory at or visit @blessed_arts_tammy and check out her blog posts too!

Tammy’s passion for art extends beyond her own creations; she is a strong advocate for local artists, offering encouragement and support to those around her. Her dedication to uplifting local artists is truly admirable. She recognizes the importance of supporting and encouraging artists in their creative endeavors and is helping to build a community of artists who can inspire each other. Her positivity is so contagious, it’s really a pleasure to have her on our team.

Jaiye Gardner is the founder of TT Artists Ltd.

Her mission is to encourage and support artists in the T&T community. With a degree in business administration, marketing and a passion for promoting local talent on a global scale, she has merged her skills knowledge and talents to bring my unique perspective to innovate the world of art.

Visit for more and discover how you can shop, sell and share art of T&T.

If you share a passion for local art, join us! With our rewards program, you can benefit so much too. Whether you are an artists, art collector or potential collaborator, we can all contribute to a vibrant and thriving artistic community. Let’s share our vibrant local artistry with Trinidad, Tobago and beyond! 🎨🇹🇹🚀


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