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"Yachts Down Chaquaramas" is 5ft x 7ft and the price is $10,000.00 TT. It is a painting done of yachts from Crews Inn which gives the reminiscent environment a serene feeling. Both paintings depicts a quiet calm where one can just be at one with Nature. 


"The River Scene" is 5ft x 7ft There is something I like about this image, it looks a bit zen, a bit of decorative art. What is one of the important points in modern art is as follows: catholic, zen and major pagans remain so freaking different, including and not limited to their visual arts. This is a review I had of this landscape painting. the price is $10,000.00 TT.


The Brian Lara Promenade an acrylic piece was done before Covid 19 and depicts a cool afternoon where people are busily going to and fro their business, the price is $3,000.00 TT and it is 18inches x 24inches.


The other one is a still life, oils depicting a breakfast setting and the price is $3,000.00TT it is 20inches x 16inches

Jason Hendrickson

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