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Jason Hendrickson

Artist, Author/ Poet


I am an oil an acrylic painter plus an author.

I have been a visual artist for almost fifty years. I have a degree in Visual Arts with Honours from the University of the West Indies, before that I worked for notable Advertising agencies such as Corbin Communications and Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising and I have exhibited in museums and art Galleries.

I am also proficient in charcoal and have dabbled in sculpture, with the experience I have thus far I have penned a novella entitled, "The Artist's Eye" that has been quite successful. It is available on Amazon and for a limited time, at Synchronergy Store on Cipriani Blvd, POS. It is an autobiographical novella combined with a sci fi themed genre. I am inspired by the environment mainly nature and I enamored by natural landscapes and seascapes. I believe in God and I use that belief as motivation for my art. I can be contacted on Facebook as Jason Hendrickson as well as Instagram as visages123.

At a very young age I have always been interested in Art; Visual Art to be specific. A good example of this was in Primary school when I was a child the teacher would write the word, 'cup' and with the rest of the class I would write the word as well as draw it. So I would be known as the boy who would draw whatever the teacher wrote on the blackboard and my fame grew from there. My favourite was to draw the National flag and the coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago; maybe I was patriotic back then but I liked the complexity of them. Some would say I was self taught and I would agree to that but later on in my life I met prominent visual artists who would impart invaluable art techniques of which I use today.  Another joy that came to mind was that my family embraced my fondness towards Art so that gave me inspiration to grow. After my encounter with Art at an elementary level as aforementioned I grew and my process grew as well. My secondary level was evolving into a greater stage and I incorporated writing so I became captivated by comic books and graphic novels that featured heroes and villains. I attended Belmont Junior Secondary where I met the son of notable copper artist Ken Morris where I was introduced to sculpture; which lent another aspect to my appreciation of Art. Moving on from there I attended Queen's Royal College where my growth in art excelled further. Confident after a few years of being advised and tutored by Trinidad and Tobago's prevalent Visual Artists I decided to try my talents in the Advertising field so I worked for Corbin Communications and then Lonsdale Saatchi and Saatchi. But my talent began to wane and after a decade of advertising I decided to enroll in the University of the West Indies and spent another decade really understanding Art; in its many different aspects. I found a new respect for Art for I learnt the History, its characteristics and its usage...and how art has remained relevant today in these contemporary times. The development of art has taken another turn with the advent of the internet and Social media. Since literally the world has gotten extremely small because of the internet, this has granted me greater connection to fellow artists and enthusiasts. I have had the privilege of entering competitions and exhibitions. Most recently I have written a novella entitled, "The Artist's Eye." Just a book that encapsulates my boyhood into my adulthood stage, events and feelings about art. Thus I am blessed that I have such a relationship with Art that it continues to bring forth a new being each and every day. So I hope whoever reads this is inspired to practice art and be enthralled by its idiosyncrasies and more so its blessings.

Jason Hendrickson
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